Primary Packaging–Pharmaceutical

CJM, in the field of liquid and aseptic and non-aseptic processing, can offer a wide range of machinery, particularly designed to meet the most stringent pharmaceutical requirements, from very advanced machinery and applications through to traditional filling and capping machines.

CJM offers a full range of solutions and models for primary packaging requirements, taking into account the following necessities:

1. cGMP and PIC/S compliance
2. Modularity
3. User friendly
4. Elimination of cross contamination
5. Long life
6. Size changeovers fast and repeatable
7. Extremely high production efficiency generated by the supply of product feeding systems.

CJM offers machines built using the most innovative technologies in order to provide clients with all the technological and performance-related advantages on the basis of the price/speed ratio requested by each project.

Combining the role of machinery supplier with the added ability of being a solution provider for its customers, CJM can satisfy new requirements of aseptic and pharmaceutical markets, offering a product which represents not only consolidated technology, gained during many years of experience, but which also derives from a continuous partnership with pharmaceutical multinationals worldwide.