Primary Packaging–Pharmaceutical



Liquid vial production processors design compliances with cGMP of liquid injection product guidelines. The processors are applicable for low viscosity and volume below 60mL.

The filling volume and inner plug placing parameters are computerized with access level authorization to stabilize products quality.

In order to minimize particle of pneumatic accessories polluting environment, inner plug placing procedure applies vacuum carrying and motion controlling. The capping procedure is isolated from the filling with plugging zone.

All stainless steel parts contact with product raw material are made by SUS316L and all sterilized parts are capable to be 121℃ autoclave sterilized.

Model CJ-210S Automatic Filling & Plugging machine CJC-450 Automatic Capping Machine
Filling Volume 1ml-20ml, 20ml-50ml, 50ml-100ml, 
100ml-150ml, 150ml-200ml,
Capacity 30-60 bottles/min
(Based on filling volume and liquid characteristic)
30-60 bottles/min
Power Consumption 220V single phase, 50/60HZ 2.5KW 220V single phase, 50/60HZ 1.3KW
Vacuum pressure
(supplied  by user)
75 NL/min, -0.6 bars --
Compressed air
(supplied by user)
120 NL/min, 4-6 bars --
Machine Dimensions
2800x1230x2193 (mm) 2200x1136x2192 (mm)
Machine Weight 950KGS 500KGS

Filling piston device:

  • Stainless steel is polished and hard chrome plating for strengthening abrasion hardness which prevents contamination.

  • Unsoldered design for piston prevents recontamination from product residues.

  • User-friendly design allows easy dismantling and assembling for cleaning and sterilizing.

  • All of the parts can be in contact with the sterilizing agent at the required temperature for the required time.

  • The filling piston is controlled by PLC and servo motor. The different filling volumes and filling speed can be adjusted easily from the HMI touch screens.

Filling system:

  • Two stage filling system prevents spilling during high speed filling.

  • Option -- Nitrogen filling can be set before or after product filling.

Plug inserting device:

  • Pick and place system conforms to particle-free and cleanliness standard.

  • The plug detection device – No plug, machine stops.

Capping device:

  • Offers low-particulate capping suitable for closing vials and infusion bottles. It is also suitable for screw or snap-on caps by changing the capping head.

  • Option – cap in-feed hopper

  • The safety hood around the operation devices is made of the glass or PC which can be sterilized with all kinds of the sterilizing agent.

  • The machines can be equipped with laminar air flow for operations requiring a particle-free and clean air environment.

  • The design for all the knobs and levers of the machine allow easy adjustment for various requirements which conforms to the cleanliness standard.

  • The machines are equipped with safety system - the machines will stop automatically in case of any bottle jams or in improper positions.

  • Tool-less design for change parts can be changed quickly and efficiently to meet various vials and infusion bottles.

  • Outboard electrical box allows easy maintenance.