Secondary Packaging



The labeling equipment CJL-3000 series is suitable for self-adhesive labels for square bottle double side labeling procedure. One side labeling procedure is also applicable by function selection.

The entire control system is computerized to adjust major devices automatically by detecting object container and label dimensions.

This benefits machine operation convenience and user friendly.

Model CJL-3000A CJL-3000B
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 2400x1400x1416 (mm)
Labeling speed 10-200 Label/min
Label Length 10-340mm
Label Height 20-135mm 20-200mm
Product Height 40-320mm
Product Thickness (Diameter) 30-120mm
Label Reel (ID)/(OD) 76mm/360mm
Power Consumption 220V Single phase, 50/60HZ
Machine Weight 380KGS