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The cartoning equipment applies the horizontal automatic production operation. The equipment is suitable for fewer types with higher capacity products.

Model CJ-120 Automatic Cartoning machine (Horizontal Type )
Working Capacity 20-120 carton/min (Based on the different product)
Carton size range 20-90mmW x 12-60mmD x 60-210mmH
Power Consumption 220V single phase, 50/60HZ
Air Consumption 90L/min @ 6 Bars
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 2678x1230x1512 (mm)
Machine Weight 1350KGS

1.Box Putting Device

  • The Box magazine with guide board and suction of vacuum pad to precisely open the box and put it on the conveyor .
  • The Box magazine can be properly adjusted according to the size of box.
  • Slant type of the Box magazine is convenient for putting and feeding the Box more smoothly.
  • The width of pushing rod of conveying chain can be adjusted according to the size of box.

2. Bottle-Reversing Device (Optional equipment)

  • To push down the standing bottle and send it to the feeding conveyor of main machine.
  • To connect the upstream processors, such as filling, capping and labeling, with the main machine operation .
  • With nimble movement, according to the size of bottle, the clipper,size, height and angle of pushing down are all adjustable.
  • Easy installation of mono type design to install on the conveyor.

3.Bottle Pushing in Device、Leaflet Inserting Device (Optional equipment)

  • Matching with the guiding box for pushing product into the box.
  • The leaflet magazine can be properly adjusted according to the size of leaflet.
  • The vacuum sucker match with the movement of clipper and the guidance of guiding box to precisely pull down the leaflet and pushing together with the product by the pusher rods into box.
  • If the box not opened or no box fed ,the product and leaflet will not be inserted.

4.Embossing Device (Optional equipment)

  • This device can offer 5 sets of printing function to easily print the manufacturing date or lot number ,etc.
  • Easy installation and dismounting of the steel words. Clear embossing.
  • Monotype designed for easy installation ,and linking-up with main machine.

5.Flap Folding and Inserting Mechanism

  • There is flap folding and inserting mechanism separately on both sides of the movable and fixed plate.
  • The movable plate can be properly adjusted according to the width of box.
  • The nimble and adjustable design can precisely fold and insert the flap of both sides of box to complete the sealing.
  • The hot melt-glue sealing is optional equipment.

6.Box Sending Out Device

  • Belt type conveyor linking-up with the main machine to connect with the downstream processor such as OPP, etc.
  • The width of conveyor can be properly adjusted according to the length of box.
  • The device can eject the unopened box or the box without leaflet.

7.Putting Device for PTP (optional equipment)

  • Suitable for putting several pieces into box.
  • With electric-magnetic-iron control of clamp operation, and with counting function to send PTP size accurately and quickly to conveyor, which is on the pause position when putting objects.
  • In the operation range of the machine, the length, height and width are adjustable to suit the piece-type objects. The quantity of putting can be preset as well.
  • The PTP for putting can be placed on the PTP magazine by manual, or by connected with input conveyor (optional equipment).
  • Easy installation, mono-type design.

8.Hot-Melt Glue Sealing (optional equipment)

  • Regarding box sealing, this machine can be equipped with one-way or two-way hot-melt glue sealing as requested.
  • The spot of spraying hot-melt glue can be adjusted properly according to the box.