Primary Packaging–General



The liquid packaging equipment compliances with cGMP liquid production guidelines and the common application is for above 60mL low viscosity products.

The packaging equipment synchronizes filling and capping procedures to reduce occupied space of the clean room and possibly equip with plugging system to meet customer’s special requirement.

Furthermore, the filling volume adjustment is computerized with servo motor controlled to increase operation convenience and reduce the adjustment time.

Models CJ-250 Automatic Filling and Capping machine
Filling Volume 5ml-60ml, 30ml-150ml, 100ml-500ml
Working Capacity 30-60 bottles/min (Based on filling volume and liquid characteristic)
Power Consumption 220V single phase, 50/60HZ, 2.03KW
Air Consumption 0 L/min @ 6 Bars
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 3048x1083x1738 (mm)
Machine Weight 1100KGS

Filling System:

  • Bottom filling system prevents foaming and spilling during high speed filling.

  • Bottle block turning disc with counting function decreases the time of waiting for the next bottles coming in.

Filling piston device:

  • Stainless steel is polished and hard chrome plating for strengthening abrasion hardness which prevents contamination.

  • The filling piston is controlled by PLC and servo motor. The different filling volumes and filling speed can be adjusted easily from the HMI touch screens.

Capping device:

  • Offers low-particulate capping suitable for closing general glass bottle with AL ROPP cap. It is also suitable for screw or snap-on caps by changing the capping head.

  • The machine is equipped with safety system - the machine will stop automatically in case of any bottle jams or in improper positions.